Shake it off

This morning I am grateful that I can do whatever I want everyday and that mostly what I want to do is nothing, grateful to have and practice in the context of being-ness. I am grateful to learn that until I make my internal state known, most people have no idea what’s going on inContinue reading “Shake it off”


This morning I am grateful for fresh baked bread, and the prospect of afternoon tacos; I love food.  I am grateful for a cool and sunny morning taking care of the animals and the garden. I am grateful to sit in the visualization of fishing on the beaches of Vieques, bringing home supper with rodContinue reading “Yum”

Out of the Box

This morning I am grateful for wide expanses of bright and shimmering nature, getting out of my little box and being reminded of the wild trip this life can be when lived outside of one’s head. I am grateful for stillness, slowness, and simplicity; for the opportunity to practice manifesting these qualities into my experience.Continue reading “Out of the Box”

Something’s Gotta Give

This afternoon…what? I am grateful to break up the repetition, to get out of the house and to get some tacos in me. I am grateful for sleeping in this morning, collecting firewood with the golf cart and having a fire. I am grateful for plans to go kayaking in the creek this afternoon andContinue reading “Something’s Gotta Give”


This morning I am grateful to see results. I am grateful to detox, for withdrawal symptoms affirming that there is in fact, some addiction present. I am grateful for the tenacity, resourcefulness, and deep, deep love of my partner through all of this.  I am grateful to connect with and relate to others having aContinue reading “Tenacity”

Past, Present, and Future

This morning I am grateful for what can be created out of normal “let’s catch up” kind of conversations. I am grateful to change up my diet, to take responsibility for my own health and well-being, and to see clearly how everything is intimately connected to the next. I am grateful for that island life,Continue reading “Past, Present, and Future”


This morning I am grateful for structure and routine and for the good sense to listen to my body when it is telling me to take it easy. I am grateful for vibrant health and vitality; for an amazing body and it’s innate intelligence, keeping my lungs breathing, my heart pumping, and balancing everything allContinue reading “Hero”

Crafting Reality

This morning I am grateful to take new action, to throw myself off of a cliff and into the abyss of uncertainty and spontaneity; grateful for whatever I find there. I am grateful for feedback, positive, negative, or otherwise, with creativity I can use it all constructively. I am gratefully familiarizing myself with the infinitudesContinue reading “Crafting Reality”