Tonight, I am grateful for Self-compassion, mirrors and reflections, taking care of myself in all the different ways, seeing me in all of you. This week I am happy to have reconnected with the ocean; salt, sun, and sand, to have created it, two fishing rods waiting in the garage, I am grateful for theContinue reading “}G>S>D”


Tonight I am grateful for coffee buzz, the resultant few hours of sleep, for the intense thunderstorm that woke me up this morning, and for the freshness it left behind. I am grateful for eggs benedict, watching smooth-talking in action, ho’oponopono water, and the profound impression that strong intention creates. I’m grateful to know thatContinue reading “Intención”

Here We Go Again

This morning I am grateful to be witness to a growing appreciation of things soon to be lost, grateful for my time spent here in Texas and for imminent change fast approaching. I am grateful for the turbulence of a transition, the chaotic energy contained therein, the possibilities available to a discerning eye. I amContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

Summertime & Livin’ Easy

This evening I am grateful for the plentitudes of opportunity knocking at the door, for two of us answering; when it rains it pours! I am grateful that my buddy Napoleon is OK, that he may be sick but not necessarily on his way out, grateful we shall spend another day together. I am gratefulContinue reading “Summertime & Livin’ Easy”


This morning I am grateful to wake up feeling well, notably stronger and more vital, my mind clear and my energy high. I am grateful for the slow sunrise and gorgeous cotton candy sky. I am grateful for catharsis, the end of a necessary chapter that was tough to get through; I gratefully look forwardContinue reading “Release”