Hint, Nudge, Wink

This morning I am grateful for all the evidence that I am going in the right direction, nudge after nudge, when will I get completely out of my own way? I am grateful for the ease of it, how contrary it is to what I have been thinking it’s supposed to be all this time.Continue reading “Hint, Nudge, Wink”

Game Changer

This morning I am grateful that life just keeps life-ing, for constant change, and to not be clung on to any particular way. I am grateful to be up before the sun every morning, to witness the transition from dark to light, slowly and all at once. I am grateful for acknowledgement, to be aContinue reading “Game Changer”

Spaciousness & Humor

This morning I am grateful to stretch and to move, to sit and to watch, to breathe in and breathe out, grateful the spaciousness there is to explore right here and right now. I am grateful for fresh figs and melons, for the sweet treats of a Texas summer garden and all of the wildlifeContinue reading “Spaciousness & Humor”

Freedom, Happy 4th.

This morning I am grateful for my freedom, grateful to know that it is my natural right and that nothing can give, nor take it away. I am grateful to be engaged, to be in it, to be the space of engagement such that those around me are fully engaged in their own lives. IContinue reading “Freedom, Happy 4th.”

Support, Service.

This morning I am grateful for the love and support of my family and community. I am grateful that I can be of service in some small way, that I can make somebody’s day even just a little bit easier. I am grateful for tenacity, determination, and a definitive connection to the “why”. I amContinue reading “Support, Service.”

Psychic Dreams

This morning I am grateful for those psychic folk out there, those who are listening and who’ve got my back. I am grateful to know that my dad DOES read this thread! I am grateful to be committed to something, to know what commitment really is. I am grateful for dreams had on seemingly sleeplessContinue reading “Psychic Dreams”

Being Grounded, Sensitivity, & Heroism

June 27, 2020 This morning I am grateful to be appropriately outfitted for the weather, for the changing seasons, to be sensitive to and prepared for any sudden drop in pressure. I am grateful for archetypes, for guru yoga, for knowing where I stand now so I am able to arrive at my intended destination.Continue reading “Being Grounded, Sensitivity, & Heroism”