Tonight, I am grateful for Self-compassion, mirrors and reflections, taking care of myself in all the different ways, seeing me in all of you. This week I am happy to have reconnected with the ocean; salt, sun, and sand, to have created it, two fishing rods waiting in the garage, I am grateful for theContinue reading “}G>S>D”

All Mine

Tonight, I am grateful to feel great about feeling exhausted; sun, salt water, sharks, and snorkeling, “fix-a-flat”, and foresight; nearly no light pollution, constellations, and spying my own shadow in the dark. I am grateful to recognize money growing on the trees & falling from the sky and oh how delicious it is; for allContinue reading “All Mine”

Infinite Timelines

Tonight I am grateful for outlines compared to plans, for flexibility, fluidity, adaptability, AND for getting all the things done. I am grateful for the Texas heat, the laziness it imposes, and the humility demanded, that it not be lethal. I am grateful for bright, full moon nights, signs of far-off storms, and rocking-chairs; forContinue reading “Infinite Timelines”

Unimpressive &, Ok

Tonight I am grateful for tacos and kisses ;). I am grateful for the do not disturb settings on my phone, deleting apps, and gaining back some of my stolen time and attention. I am grateful for sleeping til whenever the F I feel like it and doing my gratitude when I feel like itContinue reading “Unimpressive &, Ok”


This evening I am grateful to be able to look back and read my gratefuls on this date one year ago. I am grateful for renunciation, the certain and uncertain depths of understanding, the noticeable strengthening of my will power, and the image of Manjushri held in my consciousness. I am grateful for all ofContinue reading “Vis-à-vis”