Summertime & Livin’ Easy

This evening I am grateful for the plentitudes of opportunity knocking at the door, for two of us answering; when it rains it pours! I am grateful that my buddy Napoleon is OK, that he may be sick but not necessarily on his way out, grateful we shall spend another day together. I am gratefulContinue reading “Summertime & Livin’ Easy”

Balancing Act

This morning I am grateful for 68º compared to yesterday’s 110º, yeah! Grateful that I had to put a shirt on to go outside this morning. I am grateful for my homemade chai, it is soooo delicious and it helps on hot days. I am grateful for meditation, to have my own experience and understandingContinue reading “Balancing Act”

Student Becomes the Teacher

This morning I am grateful to clear the space, to say it all fully and with authenticity, to get out all the yuck in order to be free. I am grateful for the perfect sourdoughs that I baked yesterday, my best yet. I am grateful for my eagerness to learn, ability to draw parallels, andContinue reading “Student Becomes the Teacher”

Look Closer

This morning I am grateful for yoga, for breathing practices, for dreams, for the opportunity for a clear mind. I am grateful for the days when it is hard to find new things to be grateful for, for the opportunity to dig deep, or to just come back to the basics. I am grateful toContinue reading “Look Closer”


This morning I am grateful for fresh baked bread, and the prospect of afternoon tacos; I love food.  I am grateful for a cool and sunny morning taking care of the animals and the garden. I am grateful to sit in the visualization of fishing on the beaches of Vieques, bringing home supper with rodContinue reading “Yum”

Hint, Nudge, Wink

This morning I am grateful for all the evidence that I am going in the right direction, nudge after nudge, when will I get completely out of my own way? I am grateful for the ease of it, how contrary it is to what I have been thinking it’s supposed to be all this time.Continue reading “Hint, Nudge, Wink”