Something’s Gotta Give

This afternoon…what? I am grateful to break up the repetition, to get out of the house and to get some tacos in me. I am grateful for sleeping in this morning, collecting firewood with the golf cart and having a fire. I am grateful for plans to go kayaking in the creek this afternoon andContinue reading “Something’s Gotta Give”


This morning I am grateful to see results. I am grateful to detox, for withdrawal symptoms affirming that there is in fact, some addiction present. I am grateful for the tenacity, resourcefulness, and deep, deep love of my partner through all of this.  I am grateful to connect with and relate to others having aContinue reading “Tenacity”

Past, Present, and Future

This morning I am grateful for what can be created out of normal “let’s catch up” kind of conversations. I am grateful to change up my diet, to take responsibility for my own health and well-being, and to see clearly how everything is intimately connected to the next. I am grateful for that island life,Continue reading “Past, Present, and Future”


This morning I am grateful for structure and routine and for the good sense to listen to my body when it is telling me to take it easy. I am grateful for vibrant health and vitality; for an amazing body and it’s innate intelligence, keeping my lungs breathing, my heart pumping, and balancing everything allContinue reading “Hero”


 This morning I am grateful for the possibility of going to Puerto Rico for a few months! I am grateful for all of my/our projects and for seeing how they can support us going forward. I am so grateful for the response that we have gotten from our Austin community even before we arrived hereContinue reading “Alignment”

Crafting Reality

This morning I am grateful to take new action, to throw myself off of a cliff and into the abyss of uncertainty and spontaneity; grateful for whatever I find there. I am grateful for feedback, positive, negative, or otherwise, with creativity I can use it all constructively. I am gratefully familiarizing myself with the infinitudesContinue reading “Crafting Reality”

Breakfast with Bubber

This morning I am grateful for surprise, for a break in the monotony, being rescued from the repetition by a friend and a little dog named Tex. I am grateful for greasy-spoon food, and hot, “crappy”, black coffee, for being transported back to different times and places for a moment or two. I am gratefulContinue reading “Breakfast with Bubber”