Psychic Dreams

This morning I am grateful for those psychic folk out there, those who are listening and who’ve got my back. I am grateful to know that my dad DOES read this thread! I am grateful to be committed to something, to know what commitment really is. I am grateful for dreams had on seemingly sleepless nights, proof to my conscious mind that I did get some rest.

Alone, Electric.

This morning I am grateful for the symphony of peepers in the predawn morning and the thick, hot, electrified atmosphere. I am grateful for the chatter of the swallows and that I didn’t disturb them today doing my morning routine. I am grateful for the collaboration, interest, and insight of others, for encouragement.

Commitment, perspective, & Improv

I am grateful to have connection, commitment, and conviction, to be aware what has me have it all. I am grateful for broad and wide perspective, to be fair, considerate, and respectful AND to be unshakable in what I know to be truth and the process of arriving there. I am grateful for improvisation, spontaneity, trying my best to live and play in the perpetual explosion of each moment.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

It’s been a year since we started our life, together. We thought it was going to be easy; our values aligned so partnership was to fall naturally into place. AND it did, just not quite the way we had expected. 

What we found is that it takes more than that, a lot more. It takes commitment, trust, and willingness – a willingness to be responsible for it all.

Over the last twelve months we have grown, been knocked down, gotten up only to be turned inside-out and dumped on our heads. It has often been an uphill battle albeit with some breathtaking views. 

Arkansas, ikr?

Now that we have had this experience we want to share it and our ongoing journey with others by providing guidance, a list of essentials, and a map of the terrain ahead. 

Relationships can be challenging AND if you want to go far, you must go together.

Being Grounded, Sensitivity, & Heroism

June 27, 2020 This morning I am grateful to be appropriately outfitted for the weather, for the changing seasons, to be sensitive to and prepared for any sudden drop in pressure. I am grateful for archetypes, for guru yoga, for knowing where I stand now so I am able to arrive at my intended destination. I am grateful this morning for my mom, she is my hero, selfless, kind, and empathetic, the mother of mothers.

Partnership, magnetism, & memories

June 26, 2020 This morning I am grateful for partnership and collaboration, for communication. I am grateful to call myself an artist, for just the right amount of definition. I am grateful for how I type on my keyboard, not to give a crap what other people think, grateful to get the words out even at forty characters per minute. I am grateful for magnetism, drawing things in while pushing others away effortlessly. I am grateful for random memories popping into my head, transporting me to another place and time.