This evening I am grateful to be able to look back and read my gratefuls on this date one year ago. I am grateful for renunciation, the certain and uncertain depths of understanding, the noticeable strengthening of my will power, and the image of Manjushri held in my consciousness. I am grateful for all of the choices I have made that have led me to now, glad to finally be here.


Tonight I am grateful for coffee buzz, the resultant few hours of sleep, for the intense thunderstorm that woke me up this morning, and for the freshness it left behind. I am grateful for eggs benedict, watching smooth-talking in action, ho’oponopono water, and the profound impression that strong intention creates. I’m grateful to know that someone out there considers where I am to be home and for feelin’ similar feels.

Here We Go Again

This morning I am grateful to be witness to a growing appreciation of things soon to be lost, grateful for my time spent here in Texas and for imminent change fast approaching. I am grateful for the turbulence of a transition, the chaotic energy contained therein, the possibilities available to a discerning eye. I am grateful to be, do, and have all that I could wish for, to know such truth, to be so free, and to be on this epic adventure in loving, expansive partnership.

Summertime & Livin’ Easy

This evening I am grateful for the plentitudes of opportunity knocking at the door, for two of us answering; when it rains it pours! I am grateful that my buddy Napoleon is OK, that he may be sick but not necessarily on his way out, grateful we shall spend another day together. I am grateful for all of the life I’ve witnessed today: weird bugs, deer, lizards, owls, and I even managed to sneak up on the heron this morning.

Balancing Act

This morning I am grateful for 68º compared to yesterday’s 110º, yeah! Grateful that I had to put a shirt on to go outside this morning. I am grateful for my homemade chai, it is soooo delicious and it helps on hot days. I am grateful for meditation, to have my own experience and understanding and to keep practicing; grateful for all of the little moments spent in that space, solid rootedness and infinite expansion. 

Photo-Casey Horner


This morning I am grateful to wake up feeling well, notably stronger and more vital, my mind clear and my energy high. I am grateful for the slow sunrise and gorgeous cotton candy sky. I am grateful for catharsis, the end of a necessary chapter that was tough to get through; I gratefully look forward to what’s next to come.

Will Power

This morning I am grateful for the natural progression of everything, getting out the way and practicing trust and faith. I am grateful for the adventure that can be had, to choose adventure and to have a partner who lives for adventure too. This morning I am grateful for diligence, distinct from perfection, little by little I am building my will. 


This morning I am finding it really hard to find things to be grateful for so, I’ll do it a little different from usual. I am grateful for the Corona Virus pandemic, for the clarity it gives me in seeing reality; the media is not reality, TV is not reality, Instagram is not reality, not really. I am grateful to be “locked down” along with nearly everyone else on the planet; to all be in the same context at once, having the same conversation. I am grateful for the gnawing, gagging, banging my head against a wall boredom of being alone in a foreign place; I’m getting to know myself better and better AND when I get to be with people I so appreciate them, like I never have before. 

Hang in there buddy, reach out to those you love, share.

Lakeside with Lil’ Tex

This morning I am grateful for tacos and ice cream on a hot ass day in the city with my friend Frank. I am grateful to paddle around Town Lake with Ollie and Lil’ Tex. I am grateful to eat from the garden, Korean Melons and Primrose & Mint Tea. I am grateful for deep, rejuvenative sleep and  to remember incredible dreams this week, my practices starting to pay off.

Photo-Patrick Hendry

Twerkin’ From Home

This morning I am grateful for the ability to work from home, to create multiple income streams from the kitchen table. I am grateful for the free information and resources available at my fingertips; grateful to be an explorer. I am grateful for guidance and support. I am grateful for the prospect of going into the city today and spending some time on the water with a friend.

Photo-Laura Olsen