Piggly Wiggly

Tonight I am grateful for Bess’ tail happily swinging all the time. I am grateful for Arch Echo, a very cool band. I am grateful for Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy Cherry Garcia, I think it’s better than the real thing. I am grateful to be engaged in “the work” nearly all of the time, gratefulContinue reading “Piggly Wiggly”


I am grateful this morning for non-attachment, the “What’s So”, for the Hermetic Seal, and equanimity, for so many ways of saying the same thing. I am grateful for slowness, for time to watch the leaves in the wind waving their hallucinatory wave and the clouds morphing as they cruise on by. I’m grateful forContinue reading “Slowness”


Tonight I am grateful to be writing my gratitude late in the day, sticking to my commitment. I am grateful to have had company today, for great conversation and for time just flying. I am grateful for coincidences and synchronicities, some things just too bizarre to be considered happenstance. I am so grateful for Underworld,Continue reading “Committed”

Student Becomes the Teacher

This morning I am grateful to clear the space, to say it all fully and with authenticity, to get out all the yuck in order to be free. I am grateful for the perfect sourdoughs that I baked yesterday, my best yet. I am grateful for my eagerness to learn, ability to draw parallels, andContinue reading “Student Becomes the Teacher”

Look Closer

This morning I am grateful for yoga, for breathing practices, for dreams, for the opportunity for a clear mind. I am grateful for the days when it is hard to find new things to be grateful for, for the opportunity to dig deep, or to just come back to the basics. I am grateful toContinue reading “Look Closer”

Shake it off

This morning I am grateful that I can do whatever I want everyday and that mostly what I want to do is nothing, grateful to have and practice in the context of being-ness. I am grateful to learn that until I make my internal state known, most people have no idea what’s going on inContinue reading “Shake it off”