Infinite Timelines

Tonight I am grateful for outlines compared to plans, for flexibility, fluidity, adaptability, AND for getting all the things done. I am grateful for the Texas heat, the laziness it imposes, and the humility demanded, that it not be lethal. I am grateful for bright, full moon nights, signs of far-off storms, and rocking-chairs; for recognizing the dream. I am grateful for a “new” truck, hard-steel and shiny chrome, soft, creamy vinyl bench seats, and enough room for a third, four-legged passenger.

I thought it might be fun to go back and share my gratitude from last year on this date too…

Oooh, glad I chose this date, I can remember writing this; sitting in a coffee shop in Roslindale, Massachusetts. It’s encouraging to be able to measure the distance traveled since then.

8/31/2019 Today I am grateful for the food stuck in my broken teeth, my sweat stained collar, and signs of wearing on my dump sneakers, grateful this persistent pain in my shoulder, the repetitive samsaric dreams of my waking life. I am grateful to recognize these dream manifestations as yet unresolved karma, the fundamental wisdom contained therein. I am grateful the disappearing of a migraine headache into the spontaneous and improvisational space of pure presence and non-dual awareness. I am gratefully expanding the periphery of my field of vision, allowing relaxation, easing focus. I gratefully witness other-dimensionality, reflections on reflections, under-layer over perfect over-layer between the fore-grounds. I am grateful to explore my own darkness discovering the contours, reaching into depth, sublimating the matrices and sharing what I am finding in the light of day.

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